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World-renowned reference source and includes an interactive experience rather than a static library of books. Resources include videos, audio, animations, a drug database, and Q&A. 


Includes rigorous curation and indexing of both open access journals and paid journal content in the science and technology Field.

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provides an in-depth look at the history of race and delivers critical context on topics related to race, ethnicity, diversity and inclusivity, offering students necessary resources for developing a better understanding of the experiences of racial groups in society. Provides essays written and reviewed by a diverse group of writers representing the fields of academia, journalism, medicine, and other disciplines working to address issues related to race. In addition, this database includes full-text articles from academic journals, primary source documents, nonprofit organizations, primary source documents and government agency reports.

Open Access eBook collection of thousands of DRM-free eBooks across all disciplines.

The only streaming platform all about design, animation, and VFX, The Stash Permanent Collection provides access to a constantly growing archive of 1000s of motion projects – plus behind-the-scenes features and exclusive interviews.

Stash subscribers include studios, agencies, broadcasters, brands, schools, and independent creatives in over 40 countries.

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