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Databases at FRCC-Larimer Campus

This guide introduces students to research databases and suggests databases for different subject areas

Welcome to the FRCC Larimer Campus Library database page!  The links on the left side of the page organize our databases by subjects and include authenticated links that will let you login inside Harmony Library, on campus, or remotely with your S number.

Below, we describe what a database is and how they can enhance your schoolwork. After this guide, you'll be ready to research!

What is a database?

A library database is an online searchable collection of information. Libraries buy subscriptions to databases so learners (like you!) can access sources that are appropriate for academic research. 

Library databases contain tons of information:

  • scholarly peer-reviewed articles
  • newspaper articles
  • trade publications
  • book reviews
  • ebooks
  • magazine articles
  • dissertations/theses
  • videos
  • images

Each source of information is organized by subjects and keywords that describe the content of an article or video. Students, faculty, and staff can use our library databases to find research on a variety of topics. FRCC's library databases relate to the academic programs offered on our campus, so they are a great place to find information relevant to your homework.

Why use databases?

You may be thinking to yourself "Is a library database the same thing as Google?" Yes and no... 

Search engines, such as Google, search the web for freely available information. Google can be considered a database since it contains a collection of searchable information. Just like a library database, Google contains tons of information but the information is a little different. Information can include:

  • personal blogs
  • newspaper articles
  • videos
  • commercial and company sites
  • academic and scholarly articles
  • social media

Library databases contain really specific information that are meant to support your education and coursework at Front Range Community College. Google contains all sorts of information which makes it a good place to start your research (especially if you don't know much about your topic!) but don't stop your research process there. 

When you search for something in Google you get potentially millions of results. Many of these results are sponsored or promotional results - meaning a company is paying Google to promote their information/service. You may also notice that Google sometimes gives you different results. That is because Google uses algorithms (computer programs) to sort through information based on your location and your recent search activity.

Using Google can be a lot of WORK on your part as the researcher. You have to verify manually that every source you find on Google is one you can trust. That takes a lot of time! Using the library databases will ultimately save you time, energy, and work. The sources on the library databases are already verified as being appropriate for all kinds of academic research.

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